saartj combines food with critical discourse. we are a space for important and erstwhile marginalized perspectives. we cook and discuss what ought to be acknowledged. *finger snaps*


saartjie baartman was a black south african, of khosian extraction, taken from her home and paraded in europe as the performer venus hottentot. she was considered a freak attraction because of her comparably wider hips and larger buttocks. after her death from illness in 1815, at 25, her body was dissected with parts preserved and publicly displayed in a paris museum until as recently as 1970. held as proof of the perceived abnormality of black women, her remains were not returned to her homeland until 2002 when she was finally interred. YUP! this shit actually happened. SMH. baartman's story represents among other things, the objectification and exploitation of black,  african, and female personhood. our dinners are about confronting exploitative systems operating heartily, if sometimes covertly.


we serve nigerian food in its continental and diasporic incarnations. the nigerian food we serve is not a prop, rather we use it to dislocate diners from their prejudiced references-- their need to understand what is different by relying on what they already know. our food rejects gimmicks and pandering* to popular palates because the unfamiliar is okay and it needn't be synonymous with the threatening other. 
*actually we will pander a bit cus sheeiiiiiit we've still got to sell our food!