dietary restrictions & allergy information

we will do our best to list allergens on our menu but our dishes will  sometimes features nuts, shellfish, seafood and pork even when not listed.
we do not make substitutions. please scan the menu carefully and inquire with us before you make your reservations, if you're worried about an allergic reaction.


please note time for event.
arrive exactly at your seating time-- please don't arrive early, you get no points :)  


alcohol is not included in the reservation price.
we have a cash bar with choice and limited offerings. 
if you're looking for some obscure cocktail we suggest you partake elsewhere before joining us. 
non alcoholic beverages are also available.
we may buy you a round if you act right-- maybe. 


you'll be asked to sit next to someone you don't know.
don't fight our authority or you'll be suitably destroyed.  


dope and lascivious. the good stuff, according to us.


we do not offer refunds but reservations are transferrable WITH APPROVAL. please let us know via email if you'd like to transfer your reservations to a good mate. 


dinner price is tailored to each guest based on our questionnaire.
price  includes tips. 
if you leave money on the table we'll throw it right back in your face! 


  • share air time, try not to dominate the conversation.
  • defer to the facilitator. we reserve the right to kick your dissenting ass out the door. 
  • we are a space that centers the perspectives and experiences of black folks. everyone is very welcome and encouraged to participate, however it is important to recognize the intention of our restaurant space. if you're white (and or male), it will probably be uncomfortable but it's all right, you gon make it   :)


our goal is to create a space for hard truths. we do not promise anyone leaves unscathed because the conversations will be fraught and difficult.
however, while we promote honest conversations we do not tolerate crazy talk: we are not a space to relitigate facts such as white supremacy, patriarchy, exploitative capitalism et al. we do not pander to white and male fragility or guilt. we don't even play that and we'll legit show you the door if your intention is to disrupt. we understand that we are all problematic in some way but that doesn't mean we condone you being a problem.
this is an imperfect, evolving space focused on the messy work of confronting systems of oppression in which we are ALL complicit please be patient with us.


the readings are integral to the dining experience. please read them and don't be that person.


we're are really really appreciative to you for reserving a place at our restaurant.
and if these notes are strict, it's only because they are necessary.
can't wait to feed you. can't wait to share with you. 


-- Tunde Wey